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Charter for Excellence

Charter for Excellence

We, the members of Probation and Pretrial Services of the United States Courts,
are a national system with shared professional identity, goals, and values. We facilitate the
fair administration of justice and provide continuity of services throughout the
judicial process. We are outcome driven and strive to make our communities safer and to
make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. We achieve success through
interdependence, collaboration, and local innovation. We are committed to
excellence as a system and to the principles embodied in this Charter.

We are a unique profession.

Our profession is distinguished by the unique combination of:
A multidimensional knowledge base in law and human behavior;
A mix of skills in investigation, communication, and analysis;
A capacity to provide services and interventions from pretrial release
through post-conviction supervision;
A position of impartiality within the criminal justice system; and
A responsibility to positively impact the community and the
lives of victims, defendants, and offenders.

These goals matter most.

Our system strives to achieve the organizational goals of:
Upholding the constitutional principles of the presumption of innocence and the right against
excessive bail for pretrial defendants by appropriately balancing community safety and
risk of nonappearance with protection of individual liberties;
Providing objective investigations and reports with verified information and
recommendations to assist the court in making fair pretrial release,
sentencing, and supervision decisions;
Ensuring defendant and offender compliance with court-ordered conditions through
community-based supervision and partnerships;
Protecting the community through the use of controlling and correctional
strategies designed to assess and manage risk;
Facilitating long-term, positive changes in defendants and offenders
through proactive interventions; and
Promoting the fair, impartial, and just treatment of defendants and offenders
throughout all phases of the system.

We stand by these values.

Our values are mission-critical:
Act with integrity.
Demonstrate commitment to and passion for our mission.
Be effective stewards of public resources.
Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
Promote fairness in process and excellence in service
to the courts and the community.
Work together to foster a collegial environment.
Be responsible and accountable.