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CM/ECF Disclosure

In October 2011 the Probation Office began distribution of the Presentence Report via the CM/ECF (Case Management/Electronic Case Filing) system.

Attorneys will receive a “notice of electronic filing” once the draft presentence report, addendum, or final presentence report is docketed as with other documents filed in the case.

Once the attorney has received the electronic notification of filing (NEF) for one of these above mentioned pleadings, they must follow  the steps below to view these restricted documents.

  • Log into CM/ECF using a filing login and password (NOT a PACER login)
  • With the CM/ECF session open on the desktop, click on the document link in the NEF to obtain a copy of the pleading
  • Save a copy of the documents for your records

 Each person who receives a “notice of electronic filing” is entitled to one free look.  Any additional openings will prompt the user for a PACER login/password and the user will be charged.